#10 100 Block Event * Ready for the War !*

Publié: mai 13, 2013 dans Tryn's Fashion World

Who want be my Target !!!

I’ve choose the show you an other texture of the Happy Undead skirt… like you see it’s just perfect and exist in red too, maybe I will show it soon just for you xD! Ty Carra !!

Maelynda, owner of  .Mes Sucreries. has made this gorgeous top in many differents colors only, or almost, for bitchies like us ! yes and we like it ! ty so much Honey ❤

The Face piercing by .:ellabella:. , one time again because they give a so great look to you face!

One way for your Shopping today … –>   100 Block Event ! <–

#11 100 block

Shoes by [GW] Hoof Boots

Tights by erratic / ripped stockings

Knee Guard by ~Pepper~ Knee Pads –

Garter by dl::Back to War Legband

Skirt by Happy Undead Mini Skirt 100 Block Event !

Belt by   >> DK << Armed Explosion Belt

Belly Piercing by [..::DeliciouS::..] Black Sun

Tattoo by .:: Delusions ::.. Camo Body

Necklace by [ glow ] studio Double Cross Necklace

Top by .Mes Sucreries. Cricket Top 100 Block Event !

Jacket by *Airflow* Down vest with fur hood

R Bracelet by MiWardrobe – Leather Cuff – 

L Bracelet by *BLITZED* spiked bracelet

Nails by -UtopiaH- Military Hand 

Collar by DN Mesh: Viva Collar

Lips Make Up by  .:: Delusions ::.. I Bite Yew BLACK

Piercing by .:ellabella:.  Morph 100 Block Event !

Face Tattoo 1 by .:: Delusions ::.. Camo Body

Face Tattoo 2 by {D.A} Leopard WarPaint Black

Horns by -UtopiaH- Mesh Devilish Horns

Hairs by Eaters Coma – GIFT 03

HeadBand by [whatever] spiked bun headband 


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